Install Ajenti on CentOS 6.5

Ajenti is a very nice admin panel for Linux. I tried to install it on a CentOS 6.5 following the instructions on the official page but i got these errors:

Error: Package: reconfigure-0.1.50-1.noarch (ajenti)

           Requires: python-chardet

Error: Package: python-daemon-1.5.2-1.el6.noarch (ajenti)

           Requires: python-lockfile

 You could try using –skip-broken to work around the problem

 You could try running: rpm -Va –nofiles –nodigest

The solution is to add the Epel repositories. To do so (for 64 bit):


rpm -ivh epel-release-6-8.noarch.rpm

vi /etc/yum.repos.d/epel.repo


enabled = 0

to 1

yum update

wget -O- | sh

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