Change Ricoh scan to folder port.

After Windows update KB3161949 the scan to folder function on Ricoh copiers may fail.

The solution is to change the MFP default scan to folder port from 139 to 445.

To do so you need to connect via telnet to the MFP using the admin credentials and digit:

smb client port” will show you the port that is currently using (should be 139).

smb client port 445” to change the port.

logout” to exit.

yes” to confirm.

Sort pdf files with python

This script seeks for pdf files inside the declared folders, cuts the first 8 digits from their names, search for a folder with the same 8 digits and if the folder exists copy the files inside of it, otherwise creates the folder.

Here you can find the bash script version, and here the github page.

__author__ = 'dariogaravini'

import os
import os.path
import shutil

docks = '/home/w1/scanner/archiviobolle/Docks'
setramar = '/home/w1/scanner/archiviobolle/Setramar'
lloyd = '/home/w1/scanner/archiviobolle/Lloyd'
eurodocks = '/home/w1/scanner/archiviobolle/Eurodocks'
ifa = '/home/w1/scanner/archiviobolle/Ifa'
cereol = '/home/w1/scanner/archiviobolle/Cereol'
ravenna = '/home/w1/scanner/archiviobolle/Ravenna'

uffici = [ docks, setramar, lloyd, eurodocks, ifa, cereol, ravenna ]
for dir in uffici:
        for file in os.listdir( dir ):
                if file.endswith('.pdf'):
#                       print (file)
                        corto = file[0:8]
                        lungo = os.path.join(dir,corto)
#                       print (lungo)
                        if os.path.exists(os.path.join(dir,corto)):
#                               print 'esiste'
                                shutil.move(os.path.join(dir, file),os.path.join(lungo,file))
#                               print 'non esiste'
                                os.chmod(os.path.join(dir,corto), 0777)
                                shutil.move(os.path.join(dir, file),os.path.join(lungo,file))

Sort pdf files with a bash script

This bash script searches for pdf files inside folders you declare in the first array (dir) and put those files in folders with the first 8 digits files’ names.

I use this script to sort pdf files created by Ricoh scanners. The files’ names are dates: 2015031312102345.pdf –> year-month-day-hour-minute-second and so on.

On github.

dir=( "$a" "$b" )
for i in ${dir[@]};
for lungo in $i/*.pdf;
#echo $lungo
#echo $nomefile
#echo $corto
if [ -d $i/$corto ];
  cp $i/$nomefile $i/$corto
  rm -f $i/$nomefile
 mkdir $i/$corto
 cp $i/$nomefile $i/$corto
 rm -f $i/$nomefile


Linksys Wap54g v1 latest firmware

I have three Linksys wap54g v1 produced in the far 2003 with 1.06 firmware onboard, ok they are old crap but they are still working pretty well and with the firmware update they get the wpa2 support. Latest firmware available for Linksys Wap54g v1 is the 3.05.03.

Clearly the Linksys’ support page doesn’t give nothing but i found good files anyway. You can download them from here.

For the upgrade you have to log inside the access point, the default ip is: with credentials: admin: blank password: admin, and click on the Help button at the top right of the page. Once finished updating, the access point needs an hardware reset using the button behind it.